BENJAMIN Franklin said, "Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn."

Donna DiGiacomo writes (letters, Dec. 26) that the people "Whining about Mayor Nutter's budget cuts are the same folks who do not have a problem with the city forking over $300,000 for the Mummers Parade." That is ignorance. The city isn't spending a dime, private funds are. Learn the facts, Donna.

To call people whiners over the budget cuts is insulting. Whenever social services are cut, it's the poor, the young and the old who suffer.

I wonder if anyone in Philadelphia is upset having more than 200 police officers sent to Washington for the inauguration. The city, with its high crime rate and financially strapped budget, cannot afford to give up police for this event. I don't think anyone in Philadelphia is whining. They have a right to be angry.

Robert Holmes