I'D LIKE TO share something that I read in the latest issue of the

Sporting News.

Hank Aaron, arguably the best home-run hitter to ever take an at-bat, sat down for an interview and offered his opinion on the best players in the game today.

The Home Run King had three individuals in mind. He considered Jimmy Rollins, a guy with world-class talent but stretches of play where he loses focus. He then mulled over Ryan Howard but decided there's still tons of unrealized potential we have yet to see in the young slugger.

Finally, he chose his guy. The best player in baseball today, according to Mr. Aaron, is Chase Utley - our very own Phillies second baseman.

So I want to tip my hat to the core of our stellar infield! They're the best players in the game!

Don't believe me?

Hammerin' Hank said so!

Bern Brogden, Philadelphia