I'M FED UP WITH the lack of respect the Phillies receive in comparison to the Eagles.

Reading your paper, you can never tell that the organization has won a championship in the last six months, has an ownership that opens its wallet to its core group to bring home a winner and doesn't kick them to the curb when they reach a certain age, and - most importantly - has an ownership that pays their financial obligations to the city.

It's still months before Eagles season, yet on most days we have to get through four pages of articles before we see something on the World Champion Phillies. There are four teams in this city, and three of them provide the fans with respect. Don't be bullied by Lurie and Banner. You will have plenty of time to devote your coverage to the Eagles when they choke again.

Joseph Messina, Philadelphia

Does a bear shoot in the woods?

Signe, thank you for your May 20 cartoon on guns in national parks! Even in the Constitution it gives us the right to arm bears . . . wait . . . maybe it was bear arms? Whatever . . .

Gloria Carnes, Tampa, Fla.