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Letters: A question for anti-gun priest

IWONDER if Father Genito (letters, June 3, "Anti-Violence Crusade") would press charges against anyone opposed to funding the shrine who would try to stop others from putting money into the collection box.

IWONDER if Father Genito (

letters, June 3, "Anti-Violence Crusade"

) would press charges against anyone opposed to funding the shrine who would try to stop others from putting money into the collection box.

Surely there are those who believe there are no miracles that come from anything affiliated with the Catholic Church. There are believers and there are the political activists, and Father Genito has identified himself as one of the pack who can't believe violence begins in the mind, not with the hand on the firearm. It's disturbing that a priest would praise a judge who did not rule from the law. Father Genito's thinking that all decisions are discretionary is scary and should not be in his parish bulletin.

Celeste A. Morello, Philadelphia

Cell-phone ban now!

I think the city is negligent in waiting months to start enforcing the law banning the use of handheld cell phones while driving. I suggest that cops just stop the driver who is talking on the phone, confiscate it, give the driver a brief receipt and say, "See ya in court."

Drivers would get the point real fast.

Also, why does the state legislature think it has to provide money to pass a law banning the use of handheld cell phones? I can't think of any costs associated with enforcing another traffic law.

Madeline Magee, Philadelphia

Action on overgrown grass

I'm a Mayfair resident disgusted by the 3-foot-tall grass in the medians around the city. As a homeowner, I can be fined if my grass isn't kept up. And it's a safety issue, not just an esthetic one.

I contacted several local officials, but only Councilman Frank Rizzo responded. He forwarded my letter to the Streets Department and Fairmount Park Commission. Shortly after, the grass was cut on most of the streets I had mentioned. I want to thank Mr. Rizzo.

Douglas Wolf, Philadelphia

A D-Day salute

Sixty-five years have passed since the greatest generation in American history stormed the beaches at Normandy. Sadly, of those who survived, their numbers have diminished dramatically. To those men, alive and deceased, I heartily salute you.

Mark Anthony Vare, Philadelphia

City contract suggestions

Re the city union contracts:

Years ago, I had a job that paid all medical costs and also gave me 12 days'


Now, almost all of us taxpayers have to pay for medical benefits and co-pays. Most only get six or seven holidays a year.

Suggestions: City employees help supplement their medical benefits and have co-pays just like us common taxpayers.

Cut back on vacation days (who gets Veterans or MLK Day? I have to take a vacation day), Columbus Day, Good Friday, Presidents Day? Stop paying overtime for working Saturdays when there's a holiday. I'm sure taxpayers wouldn't mind storing their trash an extra week.

The unions aren't the only ones who should get a free ride! As a taxpayer, I'd would like one, too!

Donna Cooper, Philadelphia