RE CHRISTINE Flowers' op-ed

"Abortion Distortion":

As a lawyer, she knows that speech is a very powerful tool. Lawyers use speech as a way to persuade others to view situations in their favor. She must know words have consequences.

Words can be used as weapons, especially when they are used to inflame the anger of hateful and vengeful unbalanced people such as the followers of Randall Terry or many of the listeners of Bill O'Reilly, or Fox News in general. The kind of people who during a John McCain rally were chanting "Kill him. Kill him," referring to Barack Obama.

To his credit, McCain told them to stop. I doubt they were CNN or MSNBC listeners.

If Christine believes there's a collective guilt trip, it's because there should be. Those hateful diatribes emboldened and gave license to anger and hate to become action.

Randolph Husava