FOR SOME TIME, I've been searching for an analogy that accurately captures the Republican Party's behavior since being voted out of power last November, and I have concluded that the Republicans are like the kid on the Little League team who gets benched for a new player.

Out of anger and jealousy, the kid relentlessly criticizes the new player in the desperate hope that he will persuade the coach to put him back in the game. But what the kid doesn't understand is that he will not get back into the game until he convinces the coach that he puts the team before his own selfish interests.

In other words, grow up and become part of the solution!

Ernest J. DiStefano, Hockessin, Del.

Protect jobs-bill jobs

I would agree wholeheartedly if politics could be permanently removed from a jobs package!

To ensure this, our government has to suspend all legal immigration for a 12- to 18-month period.

Secondly, E-verification must be used and enforced so only American and legal immigrants get these jobs on a federal, state and local level.

Lastly the practice of tax breaks and outsourcing monies to relocate out of the U.S. must be ended, along with so-called "sanctuary" cities for illegals.

Immigration control of our borders and the deportation of those caught is a must as the U.S. cannot afford the financial burden of 12 million


A cap of 250,000 immigration visas per year should be the maximum limit.

Thomas G. Lutek


The religion of abortion

Re Dayle Steinberg's op-ed on abortion and health-care reform:

I believe that abortion is wrong

as social action and wrong as moral conduct.

Ms. Steinberg's arguments are tired old retreads we've heard for years.

They do not address the morality of abortion, or the horrendous social impact of abortion. Her argument is that children cost, and many children cost a lot.

Who can disagree - especially if they've had children? The crux, of this letter is, however, that all the taxpayers, regardless of their personal beliefs and religious convictions, should pay for the very act which they condemn. How is that fair?

It is not health care that Ms. Steinberg and her ilk are concerned about, it is the economics and support that government-supported abortion will give them. It is for them a religious tenet that unborn children should be subjected to death.

I thought the First Amendment prohibits the governmental support of one religion over another.

Clement J. McGovern Jr.

Chadds Ford, Pa.

Ronnie's column hits home

Thank you Ronnie Polaneczky for writing such a profound, insightful article about Frances Gordon. Her story has inspired me to stay strong while the mouth of the wicked and deceitful speak against me with a lying tongue.

I hope everyone prays for her murderer to cleanse his soul. My deepest condolences to the family and the world for their loss.

LaMont Ricketts

Graterford (Pa.) State Prison