IT'S NO secret that this is a Democratic city, and many people are jobholders through party affiliation. But look around and see what's happening - proposed trash fee, soda tax, tobacco tax and a 9.9 percent real-estate tax hike.

For as long as I can remember, the city has had nothing but problems, from finance to corruption, all under the Democratic blanket.

Why not think about what lever you pull next time? The candidate may have gotten you a 3 percent raise at your city job, but now you owe them 6.9 percent more, just on your house.

I'm not saying a Republican is the answer, but if every time you walk on one side of the street, you get robbed, it's only common sense to cross over to the other side.

Andrew J. Dankanich, Philadelphia

It's sad that people who live and visit Philly have to see such filth along our streets, parks and front doors.

How about enforcing the laws on parents who let their children vandalize, throw trash, write graffiti, hang sneakers from phone wires and not pick up after their dog? Enforce the curfew, and anyone caught trashing our city should pay a stiff fine or help clean the city up as punishment.

Carl Collins, Rhawnhurst

Why do I have to pay 10 percent more in property taxes while rich people downtown pay nothing for 10 years on their million-dollar homes?

Is that fair? Why can't we fire half of City Council and their staff and make them give back their DROP money - they only work about seven months a year anyway? I live in Mayfair and houses aren't selling now. With 10 percent more, it'll be even harder.

Joe Miller, Philadelphia

Politics for (almost) all!

I think your editorial on political activity by city workers is way off base.

Being politically active off the job won't politicize city services as your misinformed editorial suggests.

I'm a longtime city employee, and my rights are being violated by not being allowed to participate in politics.

Many other government employees, including teachers, can be committeepeople, ward leaders, etc. If any group ought not to be allowed in politics, it should be teachers, because they will act in their own interest to raise taxes and increase their salaries, and not in the best interests of the public. The education system is politicized enough.

Not every city employee is a Democrat, but since the unions are overwhelmingly Democratic, those voices are totally ignored by those who run Locals DC 33 and 47.

And Mayor Nutter would like to keep city employees weak and powerless so he can impose draconian cuts on us.

It's un-American!

Keith A. Barger, Philadelphia

Take away auto perks

Re the mayor and City Council wanting to raise taxes for all hardworking citizens:

Taking away all city-issued cars and trucks given to employees, and all that money for gas, car insurance and repairs, would save the city millions every year.

Richard Maher, Philadelphia