THE MEDIA will not let Catholic priests go. They are too valuable a selling tool.

We don't see reports of a similar kind about other persons published time after time. In the midst of people grasping at lurid reportage, at gossip, at the tickle of negative stories about Catholic priests, papers such as yours feed them.

The public wants one high after another. The Daily News complies. You've maligned the church and the privacy and dignity of priests in your most recent articles on accusations of abuse. How low this newspaper has gone.

Emma Kirk, Lansdowne.

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Honor our holidays

Unfortunately, our society has lost the meaning of Memorial Day.

Most citizens view this national holiday as a time to shop, party, go to the beach or take a day off from school or work. You have to ask how many realize the significance of the sacrifice our veterans of today and prior wars made, putting themselves in harm's way and confronting the possible loss of life or serious injury.

In return, we must recognize their contribution on our behalf by supporting veterans' causes regarding medical, legal, educational and family benefits. As beneficiaries of their efforts, our support must be current and perpetual. Their sacrifice was without limits and we should react without limits on their behalf.

Memorial Day, as with all national holidays, should give us the reason to thank God for giving us the opportunity to live in the greatest country on earth.

Morton Tener, Glenside

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Immigrant rights vs. respect

Letter-writer Marianne Romero said that thousands of brave men and women died for our country.

Brave Americans, not foreigners.

Way back when, people who came to this country through Ellis Island respected this country and did not freeload.

Memorial Day is May 31. How many foreigners will fly our flag to honor our dead?

Do any of the foreigners remove their hats or stand when the "Star Spangled Banner" is played, or when our flag goes by?

Foreigners yell about their rights.

Well, you can go back where you came from and yell about your rights.

Joan B. Miller, Philadelphia

MAY 8, 1945, 65 years ago, was VE Day (marking the end of WWII in Europe).

I checked each page of your newspaper on that date, and couldn't find a single mention of it.

I'm sure the relatives of those who lost loved ones in the European campaigns, those who were fortunate enough to have returned from the battlefields and anyone who has ever worn the uniform of our military certainly doesn't appreciate your amnesia.

Tom Woodruff, Oreland

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The magic formula

A simple solution to the problem of reducing the size of goverment:

Cut taxes in my backyard, cut spending in your backyard.

James Saldutti, Philadelphia