IRECENTLY went to a Phillies game with my boss, a co-worker and a client.

After the game, everyone knew all the talk would be about whether or not to tase a fan who ran onto the field.

But for us, the talk would be about an act of random kindness by a Phillies fan in the Novacare parking lot.

During the game, my boss noticed her wallet was missing from her purse, and figured she must have left it in the car.

When we got back there, we searched for 20 minutes, but couldn't find it anywhere.

As we were getting ready to leave, a nice and generous family approached us and said: "Is this your wallet? When we were walking into the game, we found it on the pavement next to your car and hoped to catch you after the game or figured we would mail it to you."

My boss was in tears, and it was the perfect ending to a great night at the ballpark.

While we don't see moments like this often, and we knew the national media would be looking at one Philly fan as the bad representation of our city, we saw a different fan who represents us much better.

Joe Bilovsky, Havertown

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The unpunished

Re the MOVE bombing:

Eleven civilians were killed, plus one policeman.

The man who was the mayor at the time issued the order to drop the bomb. This man is, in my view, responsible for these deaths.

This man is a deacon today.

Maybe he found God, but he is still responsible for a mass murder. Where is law enforcement? He should be in jail serving a life sentence or on death row. That would be justice.

Pat Panichelli, Philadelphia

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And Godspeed

Goodluck Jonathan has been sworn as president of Nigeria.

A myriad of concerns awaits him. Good luck, Jonathan.

Mark Anthony Vare