I'M WRITING because of an awe-inspiring story in your paper about a neighbor of mine whom I never met.

I was awestruck when I read the article by Natalie Pompilio. I'm originally from South Philly, and I've seen the way some elderly people are treated, and it's nice to see one who's seen so much in her 103 years on this earth being recognized as a vibrant, energetic woman who just happens to be over a century old.

We should treasure our senior citizens instead of trying to move them aside to accommodate young people who care nothing about themselves, let alone a 103-year-"young" woman.

If you live your life as God intended, in relative peace, you too can live a long, prosperous and blessed life. Thank you, Daily News, and Natalie Pompilio, for reminding me that there are still some decent human beings around who care about the people we tend to throw away after a certain age. God bless America, and you, Ms. Flamer, for I recognize you as God's oldest angel here on earth.

Hank Coleman Jr., Coatesville