RE MARC Golde's letter:

We on the right oppose Elena Kagan because of her far-far-left-wing views.

This is not American. Americans are not far left - except for the loons that want global governance. She opposes our military. Believes government has a right to control books and other written and spoken views. She is just another "intellectual" who knows what's best for us - in her own narrow, Marxist mind.

And in response to the soda tax: Who made this administration my watchdog? It's none of your business what and how much of a legal product I consume. Big Brother sure is here.

The sooner you so-called elites stay out of ordinary people's lives, the better. We are not the morons you think.

Most of us are better able to decide what's best for us than any government. Speaking of government, have you noticed that the list of the 10 worst run cities are all run by Democrats? Tax, tax, tax. Spend, spend, spend. As long as it's other people's money.

Keep your leftist administration and its jackboot. We will be rid of them soon.

Patricia Dougherty, Philadelphia

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Eye on city van

Mayor Nutter hits us will a 9.9 percent tax hike and a city employee shops at PetSmart on the Boulevard on Saturday using a city van!

The mayor comes after us for more money when we're trying to figure out a way to pay all these increases thrown at us, while city workers use city vehicles to go shopping? Mayor Nutter, explain that!

Christine Kremis, Philadelphia

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Obama strikes out

Re columnist Stu Bykofsky on Sen. Specter's defeat:

It's true that Obama didn't appear with Specter, but his image was used in an ad. So far, Obama's picks are 0-for-4.

If he were a pitcher, they'd send him back to the minors!

Barry Wahrhaftig, Jenkintown