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Letters: Why are bikers on the sidewalks?

BYKO'S RECENT bicycle column hit home. I work at 20th and Market, and take Regional Rail into Suburban Station. My walking route is up and down Market Street.

BYKO'S RECENT bicycle column hit home. I work at 20th and Market, and take Regional Rail into Suburban Station. My walking route is up and down Market Street.

I read the column on the train, then was nearly run over by THREE bicyclists while walking back to Suburban Station at about 4:45 p.m. Within the space of less than a minute, and a block and a half, three bike riders came barreling toward me, against the majority of the foot traffic on the sidewalk.

Two tried to keep a straight path, but the other wove in and out of pedestrian traffic, going at a fairly rapid pace. I froze in place like a deer in the headlights. I'd love to swing my large purse and "inadvertently" clip one of these riders. They scare the heck out of me. Does it take someone's getting run down to make someone in City Hall wake up?

And even when they ride their bikes in the street rather than on the sidewalk, there is no attention paid to the traffic rules. They don't stop for red lights, cruise through pedestrian traffic in intersections. Hate 'em.

Pat Deck, Oreland

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Dill's pickle

I read the letters every day and look at the writer first to see if it's a regular. I went no further than Robert Dill's affiliation (Party for Socialism and Liberation) and stopped.

This country is not for socialism or liberation! Please do all of us a great big favor and move your sorry, loser, crybaby, coward, lame excuse of an American self to France, where they will gladly welcome you with open arms. Maybe you can move into Ira Einhorn's old chalet and wait for your next government handout.

Francis M. Palmer, Philadelphia

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A real Fencl winner

Over the years the George Fencl Award has endured some criticism that says it's more of a popularity contest than a standard of excellence honoring former Chief Inspector George Fencl and his undying commitment to the community.

This year's recipient, Richard "Butchie" Riddick, is by all standards an outstanding officer as well as fitting the criteria for this most prestigious award.

A mountain of a man, he not only devotes himself to his responsibilities to serve the community of the 12th District, he is a role model to all who serve with him.

Officer Riddick is always available to help the community, on or off duty. I'm ecstatic that the committee recognized Officer Riddick for the outstanding officer that he is - an officer who makes a difference.

Captain Joseph Di Lacqua

Philadelphia Police Department

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Deregulation whiners

A number of Americans are now asking for their cake, having eaten much of it. Since Reagan, they have been clamoring to "get government off their backs," complaining of too much regulation.

Gradually, lawmakers responded by deregulating, and our banks, energy companies, food conglomerates, etc., have been trusted to operate with more autonomy.

Why are these same Americans now the most indignant about our government's hand in managing an oil-spill cleanup that involves complex technology that they have said the government has no business getting its hands into?

Edwin H. Smith


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Way to go Roy Halladay!

You had me on the edge of my seat!

The perfect game will give the Phils some much-needed confidence!

Matt Engel

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.