AS A MEMBER of the working class in this country that's helping to pay the bills, allow me to vent.

The geniuses in New York just voted to allow construction of a mosque two blocks from ground zero. Oh, I know, be progressive, think liberally. Practice tolerance. But maybe it's time we start practicing a little common sense.

People in bankrupt economies all over the country seem to know what's best for Arizona. I've never been to Arizona, so I am not sure.

We are now dealing with potentially the most devastating man-made catastrophe in the history of this country and maybe the world in the most incompetent way imaginable.

Is it any wonder the Tea Party is gaining momentum daily? I will never vote for another incumbent again as long as I live. If you consider that an overreaction, then that's just too bad because, as I said, I'm helping to pay the bills so I'm entitled to my opinion.

Wise up, America, or we're headed for disaster.

John B. Hall