I WAS FORTUNATE enough to be able to purchase a nice home at 57th and Race. But ever since, I've pleaded with the congregants at Mount Carmel Baptist Church to not park on the side of my home.

They double-park all up and down Race and use every available space in the neighborhood, and when there are no more spaces, they park on the Cecil Street side of my house.

On a recent Sunday, there were two identical SUVs parked along the side of my house. I asked one driver if he'd kindly move, and if he knew who the owner of the other SUV was. He told me they were part of the mayor's detail, so he was apparently attending services, and his cars parked on my pavement!

My concern is not just about damage to my sidewalk, but my gas line runs along the side of my house. I would prefer to not be blown up.

Mr. Mayor, please don't park on this pavement and please, please ask fellow churchgoers if they'd stop parking there.

Will you all help me stop this once and for all?

Wayne J. King, Philadelphia

nolead begins

Sign removal

Re City Howl's recent Help Desk column on illegal signs:

Here's how I deal with illegal signs in Mount Airy. If the signs are inaccessible (usually too high on a pole), I e-mail Licenses and Inspections. L&I has been fairly attentive in removing the signs and, I trust, fining those who posted them.

Since sign removal is probably low on L&I's task list, I usually remove the signs myself. This is a function that citizens can do faster and cheaper than government. It isn't any different from picking up trash when I walk through my neighborhood - it's just something residents should do for their neighborhood.

The miscreants who post these illegal and annoying signs paid for them. The more we take down, the faster we'll deplete their ad budget!

Greg Moore, Philadelphia