RE GLENN Beck's reaction to Malia Obama's question "Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?":

There's an old saying, "Better to hold your tongue and be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it." I didn't see you attacking G.W. Bush's daughters, even when they were in trouble for underage drinking.

But Malia only asked her father a question, and you attacked her like she committed the crime of the century. You are a racist and no one can change your attitude, but when you attack a child, you're the most dangerous person on this earth. You have so much hatred in your heart for the first family.

Lora Neal


nolead begins

The real Islam

Re the article about the Big Apple Bus ad:

Islam is a religion of peace, freedom, equality, justice, righteousness and true faith. Islam commands us to uphold good and forbid evil. It's sad that a person who criticizes Islam doesn't have any knowledge about the religion, yet they view it as a cause of terrorism.

A woman in Islam has more rights than men do. One of the rights that women have over the men is that they are provided with everything they need to maintain the household, and, as men, we are obligated to provide this maintenance.

Islam gave women the choice to use things that men could not. Islam protects men and women, and thus any guidelines directed at one necessarily benefits both.

A woman's feminine nature is recognized without allowing the society to exploit her. Islam allows her the things that suit her nature and, at the same time, cautions her against anything that might abuse or upset that nature.

Islam doesn't support terrorism.

We support peace and submission and dignify humanity.

Malik Gilmore


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