SO, THIS MAYOR Nutter in City Hall is concerned about budget cuts all of a sudden.

To try to balance the budget, cutting this and that, why don't some of the bums on City Council take a little bit of a cut in those fat paychecks that they get?

Put a freeze on all of City Council hefty paychecks - and also I'd like to know where all this money comes from to give bonuses to the superintendent of schools. She did nothing.

And don't forget the councilman who has an aide making $90,000 a year. What's this councilman have, money growing on trees?

Let's try cutting the assistant to the assistant of the assistant deputy mayors. And all that waste in City Council. They all make more than $100,000 a (so-called) year.

Remember, voters - vote the crumbs out!

Pat Panicheilli, Philadelphia