THREE OF THE most pleasing words in the English language:

Meet the Brewer.

We're here to praise what's already become one of those only-in-Philadelphia events: Beer Week. Though only in its third year, it's hard to imagine how we ever lived without it - a celebration of good taste, American entrepreneuership and (beer) diversity, from lagers to pilseners to beer aged in old bourbon barrels.

We were thinking all this on Fairmount Avenue the other day on the way to meet Tomme Arthur, brewmaster and a co-founder of Lost Abbey brewery in California. He gave us a quick tutorial on the beer biz while we happily sampled a couple of his 20 or so brews.

Much credit for this event goes to the Daily News' own Don (Joe Sixpack) Russell and the rest of the crew who helped create it.

And one of the best things of all? No city money has to be spent on a Beer Week parade.

The next frontier

Mayor Nutter has the far-out idea that one day the soccer World Cup will come to Philadelphia. We can all help make that happen by going online to and signing the petition or by texting

PhillyBid to 22442.