"Prayer for the Pelicans"

on the Gulf spill:

The writer asked what the options are. The best would've been for the president to give the states the resources they repeatedly asked for. The governor of Louisiana told federal agencies what had to be done and the resources they needed. All he got back was the Corps of Engineers saying they had to do an environmental-impact study.

Well, they've had seven-plus weeks and still haven't figured out that the environmental impact is thousands of dead animals and tens of millions in lost revenue from fishermen, shrimpers and tourists.

The federal government's lack of response, or even the simple ability to listen to officials on the ground, shows a disconnect from the struggles of average Americans. Bush at least could appear to care. The same can't be said for those now in the White House.

Stephen DeBorde, Gibbsboro, N.J.

With all the rhetoric and a seemingly fuzzy lack of urgency on President Obama's end, the real cause of the spill disaster has barely been touched.

That would be the continued operation of industries whose lack of maintenance and cutting budgets to the corporate bone, along with worker safety sacrificed for corporate profit.

This mind-set, along with a major lack of workplace enforcement, has caused this tragedy as it continues to unfold.

This is not new to BP since its Texas City refinery disaster killed workers there, also due to lack of maintenance and antiquated equipment.

The other truth here is that domestic exploration and drilling is needed on land and sea since long-term cost-effective energy sources are still years away from everyday mainstream use.

BP should be totally responsible for the cleanup and no federal taxpayer money should be used through the talked-about "national oil tax."

Thomas G. Lutek, Philadelphia

The BP spill is now officially the country's worst. Are the people from Exxon giving each other a high five because the Exxon Valdez spill has been eclipsed?

Carlton R. Manley


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Silver lining

The next time you get on a "donorcycle" without a helmet, you may be doing someone a favor!

Pat Brown, Philadelphia

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G'night, Cardinal Dougherty

June 16 is a very sad day indeed.

A great institution shuttered forever. Cardinal Dougherty High School shall remain in our hearts, minds and our very souls forever.

Perhaps inexplicably, I cannot say, "Goodbye." So I'll settle for "Good night," dear old friend.

Mark Anthony Vare, Philadelphia

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For Father's Day

Please forgive me for missing the days to say I love you.

I was always looking for something from you. I didn't realize you were human, too.

You lived with your ups and downs. No one cared to share your burdens. You were always thought of as "the father." We are never perfect in this life. We demand so much without showing our love. Father's Day is every day.

I will always love you in every way.

Happy Father's Day.

Ruth Mimms