RE THE letter from Hannibal Casanova ("Like White on Ice") about black players on the Flyers and in the NHL:

The Flyers had two African-Americans, Donald Brashear and Ray Emery. Emery was our goalie this year until he got injured. This Stanley Cup final had an African-American, Dustin Byfuglien, on the winning team.

There's also Nigel Dawes, Mike Grier, Jarome Iginla, PK Subban, to name a few. No longer active NHL players include Anson Carter, Georges Laraque, Sandy McCarthy (ex-Flyer), Kevin Weekes and Grant Fuhr.

Willie O'Ree was the "Jackie Robinson" of the NHL when he set foot on Montreal ice as a Bruin in 1958, 11 years after Jackie Robinson played his first game. How is it that I can find that out in less than five minutes but the writer doesn't even bother to check the facts before throwing the race card?

Philadelphia, as well as I'm sure other cities, has youth hockey leagues that consist of children of all colors. If you refuse to watch hockey because none of your brothers are on the ice, you missed your chance to cheer for Dustin Byfuglien of the Chicago Blackhawks.

(And Donovan McDrabb will be another disappointment to you, much like he was here.)

Janet Wojnarowski, Philadelphia

To Hannibal Casanova (the suave bro who romances women by picking them up for a date on the back of an elephant):

Please be advised that there several blacks in the NFL, sort of like whites in the NBA. It was amusing how pathetically the 76ers played and still took your money. Keep your bigoted views to yourself, no one cares.

John Jaster, Philadelphia

The fact that he doesn't even know there are blacks in hockey shows his ignorance and the fact that he's basing whether he watches a sport on the color of the athletes' skin shows he is a racist.

Domenic Pitone, Swedesboro, N.J.

Please tell Hannibal Casanova to grab a clue. Talk about being ignorant! Keep rooting for McNabb, buddy!

Chris Lipenta, Bellmawr, N.J.

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Unfair shot at Mike

Re Sam Donnellon's piece on Flyer captain Mike Richards:

The headlines ("Hidden Mike" and "Captain Crunchless") were in poor taste on the brink of a season-ending defeat in the finals, or the climax to an awesome season. Mike Richards is a true star and has always given his all for the team and this city's fans. To take a shot at him during a very crucial point in the team's quest for the cup was lame.

Mark Dwyer, Philadelphia

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Tracking the playoff windfall

When the Phillies, Eagles and Flyers don't make it to the playoffs, the city still seems to exist. But when they do, what happens to all the extra money from parking, tickets, concessions, clothing sales, etc.?

Edward Pekala, Philadelphia

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Wrong location for tragedy

The rape and murder of Sabina O'Donnell didn't occur in Kensington! It happened in Northern Liberties, around Girard Avenue.

Stop blackening Kensington's name every time a crime happens.

Barbara Tarvydas, Philadelphia

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Teen sailor's heedless parents

Any parent who lets a teenager go sailing around the world by herself needs to have his head examined! Abby Sunderland should thank God she's alive and didn't drown in the Indian Ocean. Sailing is a sport for professionals, not children!

Nan E. Fagan, Upper Darby