THE Mother's Day promotional ad run by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board clearly demonstrates that the board that was originally established by the state legislature to "control" alcohol sales has become a sales agency boldly promoting the sale of alcohol.

Their ad said: "Treat her to the perfect Mother's Day cocktail this year." The ad went on to list a variety of vodkas that were on sale to treat mothers. What kind of message does this present to young children?

Even the independent state store union, which is composed of the state store managers, had this to say about the ad: "You are collectively the number one drug pushers in Pennsylvania." It is time for some common sense to return to the PLCB.

Enough is enough!

We encourage the next governor of Pennsylvania to appoint an entirely new Liquor Control Board and direct them to return to the original mission of "controlling" alcohol sales.

Mothers deserve to be honored and cherished, not treated as merely another potential customer of the PLCB.

Don H. Wert, Executive Administrator

Pennsylvanians Concerned

About Alcohol Problems

Harrisburg, Pa.