SO, THE millionaire senators band together to deny extended unemployment benefits for the working poor if the rich don't continue to get their tax cuts. No surprise, but theirs is a conflict of interests, writ large.

If they were honest, a lot of them would recuse themselves from voting on bills that line their own pockets. But, they aren't.

If they were Christians, as a lot of them profess to be, they'd show some charity to those less fortunate. They must not be Christians. If they were patriots, they'd act in the best interests of the country as a whole and not just those who enable their predations. They aren't patriots.

If they were humane, conditions in Appalachia and our inner cities and on reservations would be a priority instead of a nuisance. But they're not, and those who replace them will likely be no better. The powerful just won't allow it.

Pat Guerra, Coatesville