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Fatimah Ali: What Eagles bring us for Christmas

'TWAS the week before Christmas and up in my crib Faces were long, because I'd just lost my gig. The boss had told me it was not a good fit

'TWAS the week before Christmas and up in my crib

Faces were long, because I'd just lost my gig.

The boss had told me it was not a good fit

Just days before, I'd decided to quit.

But five kids and a sick spouse had made me think twice

I gave the boss notice but forgot, he's like ice.

Instead of me leaving next month like I'd wanted

He threw me out promptly, with the power he flaunted.

I'd worked with the homeless

And strove to be selfless

The shelter folks I'd served were humble and grateful.

I wanted to give them my love and a heartful.

I was devastated and hurt, but I still flipped the script.

For inspiration on Sunday, I watched the Birds and Mike Vick.

Injured by Giants, when we thought Vick was done,

He led the Birds' victory over New York, 38-31.

Vick takes hard hits and when the going gets tough

He raises his team from ashes, like the Phoenix from dust.

When DeSean found the opening he needed to run,

He fumbled, then scrambled and recovered New York's punt.

Jackson in action helped the Eagles fly high to win,

Still, Coach Reid orders humility and focus to beat those Vikings men.

The Eagles inspire me to strive even harder

To recover misfortunes, live life even larger.

The homeless writers I worked with say humility is best

They shared stories about issues they've failed to address.

Some battled addiction, while others abuse

All are remorseful about their homeless rap in public view.

The thing that I've learned most from these writers,

Is they put their worries behind them and learn to be fighters.

There's no comfort for them in their shelter housing,

They'd much rather be working, on their own, than squeezed into crowding.

Some have served jail time for dealing drugs,

And although it's illegal, they really aren't thugs.

Their sales are amazing, is what I've observed,

With training and new products, their skills could be served.

Shelter children are embarrassed that they don't have a home

Their mothers are stressed, have little money and no time alone.

Philly received millions in stimulus funds to help them,

And next year's closing of the Ridge Shelter is a sin.

If the city has plans for the 400 men Ridge is dumping,

Please tell them, they're frightened and their hearts are thumping.

With holidays approaching and new horizons in site

Like the Eagles who seek victory, I'm grateful and hopeful that the future is bright. *