THE NFL, Eagles and the city made the right decision in postponing Sunday night's game.

It was never about the game. If the Birds and Vikes wanted to tee it up in an empty stadium, more power to them. The real issue was the logistical nightmare of getting thirty to forty thousand or more people safely home at 11:30 or later when the storm was at its worst.

All it would've taken was one fan getting into a serious accident or becoming a fatality and the NFL, Eagles and the city would've been sued for a king's ransom, followed by scathing editorials in this very paper about how the league and the Eagles were grossly irresponsible for playing the game under such horrid weather conditions.

Jeffrey C. Branch, Philadelphia

Can Mayor Nutter please explain why he and other figureheads decided to postpone the Eagles game but not close the city on Monday?

Chris Vicente, Philadelphia

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The coach who got McNabb

Coach Mike Shanahan of the Redskins has the brass that Andy Reid never did, or we might have won a Super Bowl without Donovan McNabb. He has a rifle arm but on a 10-yard pass, you don't use it. Shanahan only took a half a season to find out about McNabb and he didn't pull any punches.

Donovan will go to the Hall of Fame, but his days of pointing to somebody else when he makes a mistake is over.

George J. Walton, Upper Darby

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Teena the Queena


"Ivory Queen of Soul dies"


Teena Marie was a dynamic vocalist who proved that great R&B music has no color barrier.

In the '80s, I remembered how her music rocked old-fashioned house parties. Slow dancing, finger-poppin' and downright body-jerking soul music will forever be the fortress of her energetic musical style.

Wayne E. Williams, Camden, N.J.

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I condoms?

There is something drastically wrong with our society when the schools forbid girls to wear "I Love Boobies" bracelets while at the same time passing out condoms to the boys!

William Palmer