I WAS never a Donovan

McNabb fan because I'm an "Eagle-hater." When he was traded, I could appreciate him as a true pro, on and off the field.

I couldn't understand why Bernard Hopkins needed to attack McNabb, but it didn't take long for it to dawn on me that Hopkins' ignorance played a part. If McNabb didn't acknowledge you during your visit to the Eagles' facility, get over it: everyone isn't a fan of yours, either.

Since Hopkins desires to attack McNabb as being too white for a black man, let it be known that any educated man would prefer dealing with an educated African-American as opposed to an ignorant one.

Eugene K. Epperson, Philadelphia

nolead begins

The Osama aftershow

OK, so the jackass was "unarmed." How many of the victims on 9/11 were armed?

I for one am sick of hearing and reading about garbage that's been dumped at sea.

Let it go! He's gone. Good!

Rosalie M. Benston


If President Obama said, "Yeah, al Qaeda needs to see the pictures of Osama like they need a hole in their head," that would explain why his staff refused to display the pictures. But if you change "like" to "and," that's different.

Mayer Krain, Philadelphia

nolead begins

Apocalypse now!

The grass on the Boulevard is 3 feet high, signs advertising a myriad of services are in profusion, and topping it all off are the political signs asking one and all to vote for the usual know-nothing, do-nothing political trash.

Two letters to Gov. Corbett in the last six weeks have produced not even the courtesy of a reply.

I'm asking for help in this growing sordid disgrace.

Ephraim Levin