RE MARK FIORINO, who has the right to carry openly:

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. He's lucky not to have gotten shot. You can tell he wanted a confrontation with the police. Now because of the Page 1 story, you might have any nut or yahoo walking up and down the street carrying a gun in the open. How hard would it have been for him to put his jacket on before venturing out like Wyatt Earp?

Steven Shelle, Philadelphia

It's amazing that the Fourth Estate would be so hell-bent on grabbing headlines as to give this staged incident coverage. This guy is a jerk and thanks for aiding and abetting him.

What world do you live in where you'd want people carrying unconcealed weapons not to be confronted by police? In a city where gun violence is common, you'd better thank God that police confront anyone stupid or narcissistic enough to walk around openly carrying.

As far as profanity goes, this ain't Oz, pal. And, tactically, a concealed weapon and an aware owner beat a fearful open-carry knucklehead.

Allan Branson, Philadelphia

Let me get this straight. No one - except the police and criminals - can carry a firearm? Only in Philly!

Jerry Flederbach Jr.