In his article (

"Trippin' "

), William Bender wastes no time doing what liberals reporters do . . . trying to embarrass and discredit Sarah Palin and her followers: "failed vice-presidential candidate," "abandoned her post" and "reinvented herself as a celebrity quasi-politician" at the same time he whines over Palin's description of the "lamestream media." (The article pretty much sums up how lame you and your colleagues prove to be.)

You quote a "pollster" that Palin has "become a celebrity, a kind of rock star with no serious purpose in mind." I disagree with that, but it sounds so similar to Barack Obama running for president in '08. A celebrity rock-star following, a man not qualified to do much but be a "community organizer," a man not qualified to be CEO of Toys R Us, let alone commander in chief.

This president is the real joke on us. William Bender, like so many liberals, resorts to name-calling for those who you don't agree with. Please figure out how to report the news without your bigoted liberal viewpoint.

Michael Maloney, Havertown

Why all the fuss about Sarah Palin?

She comes to our city and distracts tourists and clogs up our streets with her "bus tour" to get a glimpse of the Liberty Bell. (I'm surprised she even knew it was in Philadelphia!)

I'm more upset at the local and national media for giving this ordinary citizen all this attention. She's a woman no one knew existed until John McCain plucked her out of rural Alaska in the summer of '08.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, show up to hear her say absolutely nothing - maybe she's a genius getting all this free publicity, and we're all the suckers.

In the meantime, I'd like her to stop the dog-and-pony show and either run for president (then we can take her seriously and give her media attention) or get off the (gas-guzzling - real concerned about the environment, I see) bus.

Joe "Jake" Dunphy


nolead begins

A 911 'angel'

On Sunday, I drove to the Please Touch Museum to attend a walk.

I'm not familiar with that area of Philadelphia, but was able to find my way there with no problem.

But that wasn't the case for my trip home. I still can't figure out how I ended up on 76 West rather than 76 East.

I pulled off at the first exit for Northeast Philadelphia, then Hunting Park Avenue - but I had no idea where I was. I was completely lost.

So I called 911. I apologized because my call wasn't a true emergency, but the operator assured me it was okay to call. With much patience and kindness, the operator was able to direct me home.

I greatly want to thank dispatch operator 358 for your patience and kindness. I know how nervous I was, and you were able to calm me down and get me on my way. You were my angel that day. Operator #358, I'm truly grateful that I got you on the phone on Sunday.

Roz Fiorini

Turnersville, N.J.