I KNOW THAT state Sen. Larry Farnese is new to the state Legislature but is he really serious questioning Gov. Corbett on jobs?

Corbett had to cut the head off of the snake pertaining to the budget and school funding. Given Farnese's closeness to the situation, he should embrace the new direction the state is heading in. Gov. Spendell all but bankrupted the commonwealth and turned it into a commondebt.

Worry about your district, Larry, and all the problems your city has. How's that 60-year Democratic rule working out?

Dan Dvorak


Vick hits keep comin'

Re the late hits on Mike Vick:

Seems like the refs look the other way. I don't know whether it's a racial thing or the refs are vengeful dog-lovers.

When this happens, the fans ought to holler out, "Late hit, late hit," and make the refs do their jobs.

Sabin Rich


Bell tolls for 422 tolls

In a stunning victory for the Pennsylvania Transit Expansion Coalition (PA-TEC), the public and transit advocates everywhere, the DVRPC has announced it will no longer seek to create a tolling authority on Route 422. Instead, necessary repairs to 422 will be funded through regular channels, access to the road will remain free and transit expansion will no longer be pitted against responsible road maintenance and an insurmountable obstacle: road tolls.

Tolling was never well-received by the public. Several meetings turned contentious as toll promoter Joe Hoeffel revealed that "we don't have to build a train," convincing even the most optimistic transit supporters that nothing more than a political land grab was in the works.

John Scott

Pa. Transit Expansion Coalition


A driver's plea

Drivers, please use your turn signals and be aware of those around you. We are not mind readers and would like to avoid being in an accident.

Mike Torres


The gift of life

At 70, I recently had a kidney transplant at Jefferson. It was my second. My first was from my brother in 1997. I just got done with a year and a half on dialysis, which I hated.

This second kidney came from a 61-year-old black man. We are now like "brothers." I would like to meet this family one day to thank them for this beautiful gift of life. I am now part of your loving family!

George J. Walton

Upper Darby