R E THURSDAY'S article on Michael Chitwood: I have been a resident of Upper Darby for 37 years. When I first moved to Upper Darby from Philly, it was a blue-collar community. That process is completely gone now. Our politicians have made Upper Darby into a low-class environment. They have made it into a HUD house environment. A lot of the low class have invaded Upper Darby and made it a drug haven for trash.

Mr. Chitwood arrived about 7 years ago and has helped put a damper on crime and drugs. I say "damper" but not control. Most of the trash and "scumbags" have come across the border from Philly and have poisoned our once-proud neighborhood. A lot of good people have moved out to higher ground. You can call Mike Chitwood and his publicity all you want. He is a good, tough cop and we need that kind of policing in Upper Darby.

I called Mike Chitwood one time and complained about the cars turning off West Chester Pike at the school at St. Laurence Road and speeding down the street, and other cars riding the walkway where the kids walk. The next day a police car was up at the school patrolling and stopping vehicles. He has lessened the drug trade in Highland Park. On occasions he has used a battering ram to take down the door of a drug house. He has been a breath of fresh air in Upper Darby. One person I know moved out of the Long Lane section because the drug dealers were dumping bodies in his back yard. Mike Chitwood has his police constantly patrolling that neighborhood. What I like is, he praises his police force on their accomplishments. No cops want to leave, because they have a great boss. Go get them, Superintendent Chitwood - we the good guys back you up considerably.

George J. Walton

Upper Darby