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RE: PHOTO of the Day showing a horse abandoned in a trash-strewn lot in Kensington, and a related FOX 29 interview:

RE: PHOTO of the Day showing a horse abandoned in a trash-strewn lot in Kensington, and a related FOX 29 interview:

George Bengal, a PSPCA official, stated that there was no ordinance regarding owning a horse in a residential area in Philly. City Council members, it's about time we draw one up, don't you think? An empty lot or yard is not proper shelter for a horse.

Unfortunately, if you know the area the horse was found in, then you know they didn't have the financial means to own and care for a horse properly.

A horse needs acres of land to roam and a stable for shelter, not a converted lot or converted garage.

The city's residential streets are dirty enough with trash and dog feces because people don't pick up after their dogs. Now we have to contend with horse manure.

The PSPCA, City Council and select residents of Philly need to get together and draft a proper ordinance for the health and safety of the horses that are being inhumanely kept. Yes, I am willing to help.

Doris Goodroe


Send her no Flowers

It's time for Christine Flowers to go. I, like other readers, pay for information and news in your paper, not for rantings or for opinions on those who aren't worth being in the news, like Camille Paglia.

Ms. Flowers' Dec. 2 space was absolutely worthless, and when I think that Harry Gross was let go - for providing information we need and want. I wonder why Christine Flowers' opinions are better for us than the guidance of Gross. What's the Daily News' thinking here?

Readers of the Daily News should be able to obtain the information and news we pay for. That's not the case now, with almost an entire page devoted each week to nonsense - and that's what we're unjustifiably getting from Flowers. Her Joe Paterno piece, and others, are not worth the paper's price, but Harry Gross was. In fact, I would have paid more for the Daily News if Gross was permitted the space alloted to Flowers (and I am sure that I am not alone).

Sign me up on the "Let Christine Flowers Go" list. Enough is enough!

Celeste A Morello


Definition of "angry"

Abstinence: voluntary refraining

Abstain: to refrain from an action or practice

DJ Kendra G contradicts herself in saying you should practice abstinence, but it's okay to have sex if you're in a relationship. Wrong!!! I think she needs to look up the word. I have provided the meaning above.

Also, the questions she said to ask yourself: What is she thinking?! While some may be relevant, some are just outright shallow. If she wants to be a role model to young girls and teens, I think she should do some more research on the word "abstinence" or get a mentor, because she seems to need guidance herself.

It's funny what people will do just to get their face in a newspaper.

D. Alexander


About Tebow, possibly

I guess Tim should have shot someone, took drugs, had a few DUIs or slaughtered some dogs. Then the liberal community would be rallying around him.

But, no, like the French during the revolution and the Bolsheviks, they want God out of the picture, so you can rely on the government. This country has deteriorated to such a degree, it is beyond frightening. People had better wake up, and darn soon!

Pat Dougherty