I READ WITH interest the letter from Mr. Dan Cohen, of Lansdale, criticizing Ryan Howard for not signing his son's glove at the recent Philadelphia Sportscard and Memorabilia Show, in Valley Forge. Unfortunately, I believe that the letter does not tell the entire story and unfairly criticizes Ryan Howard.

In order to obtain an autograph at the show, it is necessary for the attendee to purchase a ticket for each item that the person wishes to have autographed. Although Mr. Cohen states that he did purchase a ticket for the bat, it appears that he did not purchase a ticket for the glove. If he wished to have the glove signed, he should have purchased a ticket for the glove, just like all the other attendees, including myself, who wished to have multiple items signed.

And in fairness to both Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino, I offer the following: My son and I regularly attend spring training and numerous games at Citizens Bank Park. At virtually every game, both Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino sign free autographs along the first- and third-base rails for extended periods of time. Hence, I believe that they are being unfairly characterized by Mr. Cohen in his letter.

Mark S. Caltagirone


West Catholic error

In this time of great hardship and suffering, I pray that God will help the West Catholic alumni to see the error of their ways, and lead them to cease their email campaign to save their beloved school. We certainly can't have poor Archbishop Chaput crippled by a full inbin. It is truly a hardship; pray for him, everyone, please.

Monica McLaughlin


Rolling in dough

On 9/11/2011, President Clinton was at Shanksville , Pa., to mourn the victims and sing the heroics displayed by the passengers.

During his address, he noted that $10 million was still needed to complete the memorial. He hoped for a bipartisan effort to raise the money.

What if all the professional teams, owners and players contributed to those who died fighting for our freedom on Flight 93 over our state?

The Eagles. The Penguins. The Pittsburgh Pirates. The 76ers, The Flyers. The Phillies. The Steelers.

"Let's roll."

Harry Jay Katz


Cultural differences

In Iraq they issue an arrest warrant for a vice president suspected of running a hit squad. In the United States they tell the vice president, known to run a torture chamber, have a nice day and enjoy your book tour.

Roy Lehman

Woolwich Township, N.J.