THIS IS a letter in regards to just about everything that is going on in our lives today and what I've been reading in the paper, like a baby found in a cardboard box, and how a man dressed as Santa killed himself and six others. Also, how we experienced an earthquake. I am 57 years old and can't remember when I have felt that. It scares me to think about all that is going on in this world today.

I believe in my heart that we need to bow our heads and thank God everyday that we open our eyes. Thank Him for our children and grandchildren that are healthy, and for those of us that are working. Be grateful for that, as there are so many people out of work. As I look around me, there are good people who do care and worry about others. I thank God I have two jobs, one as a part-time toll collector. There are times when people come through my toll and offer to pay for the car in back of them, not even knowing who they are. So you see, just when you think that there are all these things going on in this world to bring you down, if you look hard enough you can see the good in people.

I thank God everyday that I wake up and am able to go to work. I wish everyone a happy and blessed New Year, and to President Obama, thank you for bringing our troops home. You are truly blessed.

Carol A. Piazzo


And more of the season

Regardless of whether one is in the top 1 percent or otherwise in the 99 percent, it is important for all of us to continue to give to life in any way we can.

Wishing everyone a good New Year!

Faye Deckter

Historic City Gardens

Over 20 years ago my parents realized one Christmas that I did not believe in Santa anymore. They sat me down and told me, "Greg, one day you will have children to buy presents for and you will be Santa Claus. It is 100 times better giving presents, and the look on your kids' faces is priceless." I remember that conversation like it was yesterday. My daughter this year was old enough to open her own presents Christmas morning. You know what - my parents were right!

I am not sure if this is something you want to print. It made me happy all day, and with what's in the news today I thought maybe it would make some people smile.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

Gregory Repice

Clifton Heights

Signe Wilkinson's editorial cartoon sends merry tidings. Let us hope, that the new year will bring Democrats and Republicans closer together. May they put aside their petty party-line bickering and let gridlock remain in the past. Enough, already, with the "my way or the highway" attitude. Let 2012 be the year that the donkeys and elephants unite.


JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, FL

Don't limit limitations

Christine Flowers: Your piece on statutes of limitations is not only timely but necessary. More than one legislator is now threatening to introduce legislation to do away with such laws, solely for the purpose of political expediency. The atmosphere we now find ourselves in, where all accusations are believed yet no claim of innocence is afforded the same benefit, is, quite frankly, a little frightening.

In addition to the examples you cite in your article, has everyone forgotten the Duke University lacrosse scandal, or the McMartin Pre-School witch hunt of the past? Innocents not only had to spend fortunes to defend themselves but, in the latter case, served time in prison for crimes they didn't commit. A co-worker of mine even compared today's mood to the French Revolution's Reign of Terror in 1789.

When anger and vengeance become the basis of a criminal-justice system, a free society becomes threatened. Your article is a welcome dose of rationality which I hope is read by those opportunistic politicians whose immediate impulses are to "do something" no matter what the unintended and often unforeseen consequences might prove to be.

Robert Simon


Big Barack attack

A lot of people complain about Michelle Obama going on so many vacations, and spending all that money. But I have a different theory: I think it is the only time Barack can get a decent meal.

Haven't you noticed that every time Michelle is on vacation, that 10 seconds after she takes off, Barack is being shown out eating?

He seems to be like the school kids in California, who refused to eat the supposed healthy food that Michelle wanted thrust down their throats.

Tom Bell


Thanks, but no tweets

Reading the Dec. 19 Daily News, I was honored to find my name mentioned in a column by Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Richard Aregood. The theme of his piece is that the raison d'etre of good editorial journalism is to spark authentic debate by publishing all points of view. It should be anathema to any newspaper worthy of the name to allow hardening of positions to stifle the conversation.

Mr. Aregood also rightfully chides the Daily News for lowering its own standards to the point where adolescent twitter humor pollutes too many headlines. It is indeed more challenging to be truly clever with words.

Gloria C. Endres