I AM WRITING to express my outrage and disgust at the column by Stu Bykofsky.

Frankly, it sounded less like "Thai Hospitality with a Dark Side" than "Thai Hospitality: Come and Get It!" By noting that his friend came for the "low-cost, no-guilt" sex, that young Thai girls tend to be "slim, with soft features and thick black hair," and that they are very, very young (the bit about Pop-Pop), Bykofsky does all but encourage Americans to go out and enjoy a slice of young Thai female.

At the end of the piece, he inadvertently exposes his lack of caring by saying, "I feel bad." Feel bad? Really? Imagine your own 12-year-old daughter in such a situation.

"Feel bad" is a puny response to the anguish, obliteration and violence these children suffer at the hands of adult men, every day of their lives.

Marian Sandmaier

Merion Station