I GUESS THE LIBERAL press will be building it own "wailing wall" because of one reporter asking President Obama a question.

All the reporters there chased him down to the Washington Monument, like the villagers going after Frankenstein's monster.

I suppose they forgot how they hounded Richard Nixon, or Sam Donaldson yelling questions at Ronald Reagan, probably even as he was trying to go to the bathroom.

They say Richard Nixon broke the law, but not as much as Obama has tried to destroy our Constitution.

Then some pundits said the reporter disrespected the president, because of his race. They said it wouldn't have happened to a white president. But, since Obama is half white, maybe they only insulted one half of him.

Also, they say the world is not cooperating with getting Obama re-elected.

We were told the Muslim brotherhood was not going to be involved in Egypt's politics.

Then Obama told Medved to tell Putin to chill out until he was re-elected; but Putin turns around and gives missiles to Syria.

I bet there is one thing Obama is celebrating, that the French are going back to their liberal ways.

I understand that Joe Biden said that Obama's description of Joe's family being blue-collared workers is insulting. I thought the Democrats were supposed to be for the working class. It appears not.

I saw "Action News" the other night about Rep. Bob Brady's home being invaded by three intruders. Then all of sudden, Brady and his wife got a lot of phone calls from political friends. But when it comes to private citizens who had been victims of home invasion, nothing! Makes you wonder if politicians give a damn about citizens.

Re: Vance Lehmkuhl's "Non-dairy a tasty choice" story.

As Lehmkuhl's article points out, cow's milk has not lived up to the "healthy as mother's milk" hype. I would like to add that the entire production process is detrimental to the environment, our health and, most poignantly, to the cows. Life on a factory farm is so detrimental to these animals that their life-span is about one-fourth of what it should be.

Re: "Who's to blame?" letter (June 18).

While your compassion for the Msgr. William Lynn is noted, ask yourself: If you knew that a minor was being abused, how long would it take you to pick up the phone and call the police?

In all his 12 years in that position, where was his moral imperative to help children? In his own testimony he stated he never once called the police, NOT ONCE!

Re: Why can't Chester and soccer get along? (June 11)

What a terrific piece of reporting by William Bender. New Daily News owners take note: This is is the kind of stellar work that can emerge when a reporter spends years developing a long-term view.

Accountability journalism means not letting facts fall down the memory hole. Bender did a great job of digging up the big promises both Republicans and Democrats made when Chester's new stadium was built.

Combined with his on-the-ground reporting of Chester residents' perspectives and the current tax controversy, it was a powerful article with real depth.

I hope the DN publishes more articles with this kind of substantive context.

Re: Gov. Corbett and schools

Philadelphia and other school districts are poor and need state resources to provide better education to their students.

Gov. Corbett and the Harrisburg legislators' "answer" was to deliberately and drastically reduce the school district's funding. They want more students in charter schools and money for vouchers. The Chief Recovery Officer and a new SRC panel don't want to ask Harrisburg to increase the school district's funding. All they want to do is cut expenses, jobs and cancel union contracts. The mayor seems to also go along with this "answer."

Now all that has to be done by their outside consultants is to develop a properly phrased question.

So who is going to really be hurt by their game of "Jeopardy?"