TO ALL THE MEDIA members and fans out there, don't count your chickens before they are hatched. I understand that the Eagles have had two straight bad seasons and this is unacceptable to all of us, but what makes you so certain that Andy Reid will be fired?

Oh, how could I forget? Mr. Lurie stated that 8-8 would be "unacceptable" and for some reason the media interpreted that as: if the Eagles go 8-8 or worse, then Andy would be fired. Didn't the Eagles go 8-8 last year? And didn't Mr. Lurie say it was unacceptable during his press conference after last season? The answer is yes and yes. And Andy was back for the 14th season as the Philadelphia Eagles' head coach.

I wouldn't bet my life that Andy is coming back, but I also wouldn't bet my life that he will not be coming back either. We have had a great run with Andy over these last 14 seasons, and I will be forever grateful for having a team on the field every year that could possibly win the Super Bowl, but I do think it is time for change. Everybody thinks it is time for change.

But does Mr. Lurie think it is time for change? He is the one who determines Andy's fate. Not the fans, not the media, and not Howie Roseman.

Now to the media and the fans who think Andy will be fired: Look up the definition of insanity for me. And don't forget to not count your chickens.

Chris Vicente


Money for firefighters

Our firefighters have a very difficult job.

They put their lives on the line every day, and they are not appreciated. Why do they have to go to court to receive the extra benefits that were granted to them?

The city seems to find money for other projects. Why not our firefighters who are more deserving? Good luck, guys!

Josephine Zirilli


Far from the finest

Philly's finest?

They've allegedly stolen drugs and money, fabricated evidence, planted drugs, performed illegal searches and used excessive force. They've been targets of (literally) dozens of Internal Affairs complaints. The city has paid out $777,500 to settle 34 federal lawsuits against them. And the District Attorney's Office refuses to use them as witnesses in court due to credibility issues, recently withdrawing 68 drug cases involving them. Despite this, rather than fire and prosecute the six city narcotics officers recently involved in this scandal, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey simply reassigned them.

What's wrong with this picture?

Rob Boyden

Drexel Hill

How many weapons?

In response to Stuart Caesar's letter regarding guns (Daily News, Dec. 24): How many guards per school do you propose? How many guns per guard? What happens if there is more than one attacker? What happens if they attack from more than one direction? I'm sure you have answers for these questions, Stuart. More guards, more guns, maybe hand grenades and/or tear gas. I know our children and their parents will feel safer with these precautions. I sometimes wonder if your writings are filtered through you brain before they see paper or just magically appear.

Joe Orenstein


Many innocent lives

Thank you for your insightful editorial of Dec. 17 regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy, and thank you, Christine Flowers, for your valuable commentary on same (Daily News, Dec. 18). Ms. Flowers always reminds us of those issues which, even if politically incorrect, need to be heard. Both opinions provided thought-provoking information so that similar tragedies may be prevented in future.

As Ms. Flowers states, do we not realize that millions of children are massacred every day in the evil of abortion? Do we not see the similarity with the situation of Terry Schiavo, who was cruelly and intentionally deprived of hydration to accelerate her demise years back in Florida because her life was deemed useless due to her infirmity, even if she was very much alive and being taken care of by her family? These life issues are no different than the Sandy Hook tragedy . . . they are all innocent human lives.

As Blessed John Paul II so wisely exhorted, we must become a culture of life, where life is respected from conception to natural death. If not, no measures, no matter how well-enforced, will prevent similar tragedies. As Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta prophetically stated many years ago, how can there ever be peace in the world when a child is not safe in his/her mother's womb? That those with ears may hear before it is too late.

Lois Marcolongo

Clementon, N.J.