I AM A single father of two and I am about to graduate from college, as well. I have applied for thousands of jobs. I have not failed a drug test and have no criminal record, and I am finding it hard to get a job. I do not wish to be on unemployment, but due to the fact that Gov. Corbett is not doing his job of creating jobs instead of giving businesses tax breaks and CEOs higher pay, I struggle just like thousands of other willing-to-work Pennsylvania residents.

Corbett should not run again for a second term. Schools are closing and he is giving breaks to the wealthy. Somebody needs to give Corbett a urine and drug test, because he does not get it.

Phil Gleaton


When Governor Corbett said that drug testing hinders employment, he wasn't making a blanket statement meant to cover the entire workforce. He was specifically talking about manufacturing within the oil industry. The liberals in the Daily News editorial room went into full-scale attack mode and ensured that comments would not be placed into the proper context for their readers. You would have to go to the Inquirer for that.

I thought Corbett's comments were lazy when I first saw them on the cover of the Daily News, but I knew that whenever a Republican says something that makes headlines, it's usually a comment that is taken completely out of context and includes speculation about why he said it and what he meant. I thought to myself, "How many people do I know who work off-the-books because they can't or won't take a drug a test?" I know quite a few and most aren't poor.

The Daily News and the rest of the liberals in the mainstream media claim that this was a comment directed at the poor, even though the poor generally do not work in high-paying union jobs like the oil industry. So why make stuff up instead of actually writing about the point that the Governor was actually making?

Kevin Metz

Ridley Park

Uh, the phone's ringing

So Jason Collins is gay. Yeah, so what? I am a black lesbian trapped in a white male body, which explains in part why I married a black woman. Should I expect a supportive phone call from the president?

Joseph J. Catto