ALTHOUGH we at IBEW Local 98 appreciate Signe Wilkinson highlighting our newly created Rat-Mobile in a political cartoon, she missed a key point in the narrative. Rather than depicting unions as distributing political contributions - a tired old cliche - Signe should have depicted us doing the city's job: Collecting unpaid taxes, permit fees and license fees from unscrupulous developers and contractors. Exposing these cheats in order to help our cash-strapped city collect desperately needed revenue is our mission. The Rat- Mobile is the vehicle to achieve it.

At a time when many of my neighbors are literally being taxed out of their homes as a result of AVI, we will not sit idly by and let these scab companies continue to cheat the system without any consequences. The Rat Mobile brings more exposure to our efforts and allows us to take the fight right to their doorsteps, whether in the city, the suburbs or at their shore homes.

The Rat-Mobile is coming. And the fat cats should be concerned.

John J. Dougherty

Business manager, IBEW Local 98

Getting out the vote

I gave up on Pa. politics many years ago. But I want to thank Gov. Corbett for sparking a renewed interest in voting. I promise to vote against him and any other incumbent in the next election. Thanks, Tom!

Vincent J. Scarazza

Nottingham, Pa.