I AM disappointed by the logic of several recent fellow Daily News letter writers.

Of course Dr. Gosnell's actions are inexcusable, and every effort should be made to prevent something like this from ever happening again. But to suggest that further restricting women's access to health services is the answer cruelly ignores the fact that more restrictions will only lead to the greater risk that women will seek care at rogue, law-evading providers, because those are the only ones in their area or the only ones they can afford.

The link between the Gosnell case and the broader movement to restrict abortion and contraceptive access is undeniable. As a recent Daily News editorial outlined, those who oppose a woman's right to choose in our Commonwealth are now overstepping appropriate authority even further as they attempt to restrict access to contraception.

These lawmakers are choosing to ignore the facts. Studies show that increasing a woman's access to affordable family-planning services, such as birth control, reduces unintended pregnancy and thereby the number of pregnancies that end in abortions. Consistent use of a birth-control method allows women to determine whether and when they are ready to have a family, and to safely space their pregnancies, improving health outcomes for women, families and communities. Reducing abortions, assisting responsible decision-making and achieving healthier outcomes for mothers and families - aren't these things we can all get behind?

Rather than forcing their personal ideology on others, recent Daily News letter writers and our lawmakers need to spend their time, energy and taxpayer dollars on policies and programs that respect women's decision-making ability and their health.

Melissa Weiler Gerber

Executive Director

Family Planning Council

Move the hq

With the financial situation of the school district, I can't help but wonder why they have such a new, luxurious-looking headquarters, while they closed many schools.

I think they should relocate to one of their closed school buildings, and sell the Broad Street Palace. Put the money where it rightfully belongs - in the education of our children, and not luxury for themselves!

William Palmer