FIRING Michael Griffin because he chose to be honest about being gay and his intent to marry was outrageous. Holy Ghost Preparatory School president Father McCloskey's hairsplitting explanation about Griffin's marriage license being a public document - when Griffin compared his situation to other teachers who remain employed as they divorce and remarry and use contraception, against the teachings of the church - leaves me so angry I could spit. It shows that the church, at least at Holy Ghost Prep, is homophobic. They are an unjust organization by excusing nongay people their transgressions against church teaching, while punishing the gay guy.

And it sends a very poor message to the student body there, who will see this injustice for what it is.

I hope that Father McCloskey will practice what the church preaches when they teach that the first step in the road to redemption is to admit that you made a mistake, and restore Mr. Griffin to his position. In so doing, he will show himself to be human, and just.

Either that, or they need to be equitable about their policies and fire all of the divorced members on their staff.

Merry Christmas.

Lou Lanni