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Letters: Ax Dems & GOP: It's tea-party time

OVERHEARD again and again is that the tea party is full of conservative zealots. I say: Good for them!

OVERHEARD again and again is that the tea party is full of conservative zealots. I say: Good for them!

For more than 30 years, we've sent Republican politicians to Washington who have promised to "shrink the spending and the size of government" in Washington. What have we gotten from all these gasbags? A government that instead of shrinking has exploded in size. They've created the Department of Homeland Security, which has made Americans of all political stripes feel more insecure and exposed to privacy abuses. An IRS that has morphed into an intimidating, shady government agency that is just this side of the knee-breakers in the mob.

They also have allowed, with only mild opposition, the implementation of the American Care Act, euphemistically known as Obamacare, which has left millions of previously insured Americans without insurance and, in some instances, without jobs, also. To try to roll back the ACA has been called extreme by Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner.

So, let's review. Democrats promise government expansion and increased spending across the board. Republicans promise smaller government. Who does America think is winning that fight? Government employee rolls expand faster than private-sector jobs, Social Security and Medicare will bankrupt our country in 20 years or less, deficits grow faster and faster to the point that some won't even consider trying to cut into it. The debt is leaving us in hock to China and Saudi Arabia.

But the same people who allowed all of this to happen are going to come to us next year and ask us to elect them with the laughable claim of making government smaller and smarter. The current Republican-establishment politicians don't have the inclination or the spine to stand up against government expansion. What is needed instead of the Democrats and the Republicans is the tea party, the only fire wall between an abusive, overreaching, overarching, overspending federal government and We the People.

Fran Steffler


Makes snow sense

Here we go again. A few flakes drop on the ground and all the TV news departments run to PennDOT to ask what they are going to do. I'll bet even the spokesman for PennDOT is tired of answering the same dumb questions over again.

Give the viewers a break and try something different.

Emil Rutledge