THANK YOU to journalist Ronnie Polaneczky and the Daily News for the moving and important articles about the tragic death of Christina Sankey. Unfortunately, they convey a sad truth - people generally think of these people as ugly and their lives as insignificant. I recently lost my dear special needs brother and greatly miss the joy he brought to me and all who knew him. I'm sure Christina brought joy to people's lives in her own way, too. Why Ms. Wulu hasn't been brought to justice further exacerbates this tragedy.

I am greatly relieved to know that the Sankey family has a reputable lawyer and the D.A. is investigating the case - thanks to your excellent reporting. This won't bring Christina back, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. In a profession that has morphed into a divisive and biased punditocracy, you should all be proud of the common cause you have brought to your readers and hope you have brought to the Sankey family through your article.

Bless you and keep up the good work!

John Capozucca

Bloomingdale, N.J.