By Jay Sekulow

Since 1970, Congress has been providing funds to Planned Parenthood - giving taxpayer dollars to the nation's largest abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood received more than $525 million in government funding in 2014.

For years, many in the anti-abortion movement have opposed such funding, which forces some taxpayers to subsidize a practice they believe violates the most fundamental of all human rights and moral principles: the right to life.

But now, with the much-discussed Center for Medical Progress videos that call into question the legality of Planned Parenthood's supplying of fetal tissue to researchers, there is a growing outcry across the country and in Congress to stop sending Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of dollars a year in taxpayer funds.

By Planned Parenthood's own admission, it performs about 330,000 abortions a year. But what we are just now discovering - thanks to the Center for Medical Progress - is very disturbing and represents the most powerful reason yet to pull the plug on taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

In the videos, there is discussion of harvesting arms, legs, and even eyeballs. In one video, the discussion focuses on supplying researchers with entire bodies, or "intact fetal cadavers," as a Planned Parenthood representative calls them.

Even more disturbing is one video featuring an interview with Holly O'Donnell, a former employee of StemExpress, one of the tissue companies that worked with Planned Parenthood, who describes questionable techniques used during tissue harvestings.

Apparently these tactics proved to be too much even for StemExpress, which cut ties with Planned Parenthood following the video's release.

"We value our various partnerships, but due to the increased questions that have arisen over the past few weeks, we feel it prudent to terminate activities with Planned Parenthood," the company said in a statement.

As you might expect, Planned Parenthood is trying to downplay this horrific scandal. It claims the videos are deceptive.

And they are trying their best to implement a strategy of deflection. They are even targeting the group that brought this horrendous business practice to light.

But the American people aren't buying Planned Parenthood's spin tactics. There are numerous groups more deserving of our tax dollars that are ready, willing, and able to provide needed medical services to women and children without engaging in hundreds of thousands abortions and the harvesting of fetal organs.

Here's the bottom line: The American people - the American taxpayers - deserve the truth. That's why Congress has launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood's actions.

And that is exactly why Congress must bring an end to sending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a year to this abortion giant.

Enough is enough. Congress must vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Not another dime should go to this group that proudly engages in and defends these barbaric practices.