Everyone, equal news coverage

I'm sure Asa Khlif, the head of the Pennsylvania chapter of Black Lives Matter organization, saw and read the article of himself in the Dec. 1 issue of the Daily News. Asa's cousin (Brandon Tate-Brown) was shot and killed by police during a controversial struggle. As we now know, Tate-Brown was committing a crime and resisting arrest.

If Asa Khalif just turned to the very next page, in the same Dec. 1 issue of the Daily News, this is what he would have seen. Asa would have seen the article about three black women who beat to death a homeless white man (Robert Barnes) who was just minding his own business.

My question is: Are the Black Lives Matter protesters just ignorant to the fact that All Lives Matter?

Stefan Kumor

Delran, N.J.

White people

When will the

Daily News

write about White Lives Matter?

Is there something wrong that there appears to be no White Lives Matter movement?

Robert Bender

Broomall, Pa.