SEN. BERNIE SANDERS has recently been granted a reprieve by permitting him late-night interviews with talk-show hosts (Fallon, Meyers, Colbert, Kimmel), but his visibility has been extremely limited in prime time TV news, as Will Bunch wrote about yesterday. The grudging coverage on late night has barely given Sanders the opportunity that Hillary Clinton has been given on "Saturday Night Live" to poke gentle fun at herself, to make her seem less posed and caricatured. Instead, he has been forced to answer directly allegations of communism and uncompromising radicalism, which his political career demonstrates is a distortion. The paucity of campaign events covered on evening news, and the refusal of networks to allow the campaign to reach the public with policy details, has not stopped Sanders from reaching young people - whom the media seem committed to waste, in yet another "conventional wisdom" campaign, which fails to distinguish itself from false "moderate" positions in the Republican candidate - which turn out to be camouflage to defund and delegitimize government in any form.

Ben Burrows

Elkins Park, Pa.

The liberal menace

A recent Daily News op-ed stated that it was "terrifying" how easy it was for Americans to get guns. Wrong. What's terrifying is the fact that more Americans do not arm themselves against the threat of Islamic evil.

Once again, the liberal Democrats who run the city of Philadelphia are blaming a terror attack on our shores on the NRA. How pathetic. Wake up, Philadelphia. Guns are not to blame for terrorism. Liberalism is. Liberalism creates the gun-free zones terrorists choose to attack because they are willingly defenseless, easy targets. Liberalism permits open borders that allow sleeper cell terrorists to live among us, waiting for the moment to strike, and liberalism appeases and even defends Islamic extremists, because they also believe that Christians, Jews and America are to blame for the world's problems. Weakness in the face of evil breeds terrorism and nothing says weakness like attempts to disarm law-abiding citizens. But what else can you expect from the party who elected a president that calls the fictional tax scam of global warming a greater threat than ISIS? Add to this the fact that Syed Farook's neighbor saw suspicious activity and refused to report it because she was afraid she would be called "racist."

We have a nation of liberal sheep just waiting to be sheared. Our Founding Fathers would be sickened by this and by the fact that Philadelphia, the city that gave birth to freedom has become a breeding ground for drug addled, self absorbed morons, who are so afraid of the terrorists, that they would rather blame Christians, guns, and Republicans for terrorism, than actually stand up like men, and defend America against her enemies. Philadelphia is a city of anti-American cowards that our Founders would not even dignify with the back of their hands.

Stuart Caesar


Rendell's Trump fascination worrying

I can't believe Ed Rendell would help fan the flames of bigotry.

Rendell called Donald Trump "the most interesting thing happening in America," acknowledging the "phenomenon" of a low-intrigue Pennsylvania Society. Spreading hate and exclusion is somehow interesting?

Peter Tobia