Eakin puts himself above the rules

Once again, Pennsylvania stands disgraced on the national stage, and it is again through the actions of a state Supreme Court justice, the "Honorable" J. Michael Eakin.

Rather than resign after it was revealed that he had exchanged coarse, crude, and profane emails designed to denigrate women, minorities, and homosexuals, Eakin tried to hang on to his position. There should be no doubt that he ultimately left the court because he concluded that continuing the fight was futile and that he saw that his pension was at risk if he were to fight on and lose.

Like most employees, rank-and-file state workers can be subjected to discipline up to and including the loss of their jobs for improper use of state electronic devices. Eakin is still seeking to exempt himself from the standard that applies to every other state employee. He has disgraced all who honorably serve in state government.

|Oren M. Spiegler, Upper St. Clair