A refreshing candidate for U.S. Senate

Thanks to columnist John Baer for writing about the leadership qualities of John Fetterman, the lesser-known Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate representing Pennsylvania ("A fresh but little-heard voice in the Senate race," Wednesday).

With graduate degrees in business and public policy from the University of Connecticut and Harvard and having served in AmeriCorps, Fetterman has brought resources and direction to the depleted but once-thriving steel-producing community of Braddock, outside Pittsburgh. This demonstrates what strategic, commonsense, heartfelt action can accomplish. Braddock now has prekindergarten, playgrounds, surveillance cameras, and went 51/2 years without a homicide. Above all, it has become a community of hope and direction.

Fetterman is going up against Joe Sestak and Katie McGinty. Sestak is the former Navy admiral and congressman who disregarded President Obama in 2010 and defeated Sen. Arlen Specter in a primary before losing the general election to Republican Pat Toomey. Katie McGinty, the Democratic Party's choice, has run a disappointing, lackluster campaign.

Americans are sick of the dangerous same-old, same-old of things becoming worse because officials are focused on individual power. Fetterman, a breath of fresh air, will have our votes.

Stanton and SaraKay Smullens, Philadelphia

A problem solver

Residents of North Philadelphia are at the epicenter of the city's deep poverty. We need leaders who will tackle this crisis head-on. That's why I support Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate. She is determined to take on challenges and solve problems facing our communities. She knows that combating poverty will require policies such as raising the minimum wage, expanding access to job-training programs, and giving every child a quality education.

McGinty will be our champion in the Senate. Let's elect her as our Democratic nominee on April 26.

Malcolm Kenyatta, Philadelphia,