Villanova's stunning victory in the NCAA tournament couldn't have come at a better time for a city that hasn't had a sports championship in eight years. Even better was the way the Wildcats beat favored North Carolina - on a buzzer-beating shot by an unexpected hero.

With less than five seconds left in the game, senior guard Ryan Arcidiacono took the inbound pass and raced upcourt. Surely he would drive to the basket or pull up for a jumper, most fans thought. That's what a team's best player does.

But Arcidiacono instead relied on what took the Cats to the Final Four in the first place: teamwork. He flipped the ball to junior forward Kris Jenkins, who drained a three-point shot to break a 74-74 tie and win the game.

Being on the same day that Sixers great Allen Iverson was named to the Basketball Hall of Fame made the championship sweeter. The Wildcats also made a strong statement about collegiate athletics by fielding a team led by upperclassmen, including senior center Daniel Ochefu.

The role of sports in America today is perhaps too big. People invest their hearts, souls, and cash in pro and college teams that too often repay them with disappointment. But winners like Villanova make all the disappointments seem trivial.