Green as chair won't help students

In his commentary, Bill Green explained how he was wronged when Gov. Wolf removed him as chair of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission a year ago ("Wolf was wrong on SRC firing," Tuesday). What he did not explain was how Philadelphia schoolchildren will benefit from his reinstatement as chair - because they won't. The time, money, and distraction Green's lawsuit will waste is all about him and his ego, nothing more.

|Jim Landers, Abington

Governor's choice

Get over it, Bill Green. You lost your position in politics (as a retired teacher, I consider the School Reform Commission a political ploy to destroy our public schools), and you want to sue? What about the hundreds of teachers who have lost jobs and/or wages under your SRC control?

Gov. Wolf made the right choice in removing Green, who did nothing to improve Philadelphia's district or charter schools during his reign as chair. He doesn't get a free ride any more than teachers, who struggle every day to provide their students with a quality education despite the cutbacks in funding, the diminishing of their fair wages, and the disrespect they are subject to by the SRC.

|Gloria Finkle, Philadelphia,