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Letters: 'Free' press tried to destroy Donald Trump with lies, rumors

THE LAST SENTENCE in Solomon Jones column, totled "We need free press, not one that bows to whims of Trump" reads:

THE LAST SENTENCE in Solomon Jones column, totled "We need free press, not one that bows to whims of Trump" reads:

"We're no longer a free, unfettered press."

Hey, Solomon, where have you been for the last year? We sat back and watched the press destroy a man with lies, rumors, bogus stories, and the only thing Donald Trump was guilty of was giving up his billionaire lifestyle to try to assist the American people. I guess that was free and unfettered? Some outlets publicly apologized for taking part in such antics and reaching for ratings by exposing but lies.

And now you want this same man to make nice with the outlets that went above and beyond to humiliate him just to get a story - are you crazy?

Then again, and doing what you seem to have compassion doing, you try to make this whole issue a racial thing (not sure why you would even go there, but you did).

Maybe it's all you can come up with, and you need ratings. Maybe a white kid beat you in a 1-on-1 basketball game years ago, you can't move past it, and you just hate us.

I'm not sure what your hang-up is with white folks, but you really need to get a reality check, be aware of the real problems that actually exist and stop fabricating more problems.

And, just for the record, we're all not that bad, us white people.

Was that free and unfettered enough for you?

Andrew J. Dankanich


I agree with Solomon Jones; the news media must know when they're being "worked" and when someone is trying to bully them into slanting the news in their favor. As a freelance writer myself, I recognize it is important for the news media to present the news accurately, without fear of some power. I urge the Philadelphia papers and other media to stand strong against attacks by Donald Trump and his minions.

John Oliver Mason


Where has Philadelphia School District been?

The School District management:

This is all about the students again.

When they have more than 33 students in a class, where were these people?

When they didn't have counselors, where were these people?

When they didn't have nurses, where were these people?

When schools don't have adequate libraries, where were these people?

When buildings were falling apart, and there was too much lead in the water, where were these people?

When teachers haven't had a raise in almost five years, where were these people?

When the company they hired couldn't produce enough substitutes, so students had to go to summer school, where were these people?

When they had brand-new textbooks stored away for many years at 440 N. Broad St., where were these people?

Wow, now we are going to change the school calendar, and everybody will become educated.

Mayer Krain


Does all hate count?

I feel so happy knowing that District Attorney Seth Williams, Mayor Jim Kenney and the rest of the liberal career politicians started a hate crime task force.

Now, as an older white male, I know that when the young, black thugs profile me in the city as an easy target, if they rob me, play the knockout game or just plain harass me for who I am, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Now I can come back to the city I grew up in. It's truly a great day. That's assuming the law protects me, also, because hate won't be tolerated, right?

Steven J. Donegan

Essington, Pa.

Flowers gets hysterical

Immigration attorney and Daily News columnist Christine Flowers describes the negative response to Trump's victory as "mass hysteria" in hysterical language.

"Orange tuchus" (Donald Trump), a semi-obscure allusion to the metaphorical harm wished on her by her Bryn Mawr sister alumni, and her strange assertion that she's "a walking insult to every minority group."

That statement rings of megalomania, since I doubt Flowers' profile is so notorious that "the minority groups" care.

Oh, well, we'll just have to hope for the best from Donald Trump, as Liar-Supreme, and trust that the Founding Fathers got it right with the Electoral College, one man, one watered-down vote.

James Miles

Malvern, Pa.