AS A RETIRED career Navy officer and war veteran, I was disappointed to read Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky's referral to a swampful of military men in her recent column regarding the appointments of Donald Trump, the country's next commander-in-chief.

I can only assume Polaneczky was writing about retired Marine Corps Gens. James Mattis and John Kelly and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, all men who have served this great country with valor, distinction and honor often under horrific conditions of war that would make most people run the other way. Also, with her reference to Air Force Gen. Lori Robinson's appointment as our nation's first female combatant commander, Polaneczky showed her lack of knowledge and understanding of our military. But most of those who never served don't understand our military. Our veterans are used to that.

It think it is fair to say that Polaneczky is still in denial, shock and suprise over Hillary Clinton's failure to win the presidency. I would also say many of our military veterans, who came out in great numbers to vote for Trump, don't share that same surprise. Clinton's lack of judgement and temperament, demonstrated over many years in public office, proved to many of us who went in harm's way she was a flawed candidate, unfit to lead the men and women of our military. I do, however, agree with Polaneczky that there are many good, qualified women who are more than ready, and long overdue, to assume this country's most important positions, including president and commander-in-chief. Hillary Clinton is not one of them, and that judgement was affirmed by the American people and our Electoral College. As she would have expected and demanded had Clinton been elected, it is time for Polaneczky to move on.

Joe Eastman


Inexperienced officers should have backup

Shortly after a Pennsylvania state trooper was shot to death while responding to a domestic call in rural Pennsylvania, his suspected shooter reportedly was killed by police following an intense, all-night manhunt.

Then, media outlets reported that the trooper - 23-year-old Landon Weaver - was a rookie and had been dispatched to answer the domestic call alone. It was also reported that the suspected shooter - 32-year-old Jason Michael Robison - had an active protection from abuse order against him, had had numerous scrapes with the law and had recently posted some disturbing, anti-police rhetoric on his Facebook page (which has since been taken down).

Why such a young, inexperienced state trooper would be dispatched alone to a domestic call to confront an armed subject, known to police and in violation of a PFA order is beyond me.

Rob Boyden

Drexel Hill, Pa.