We all know that many things hang in the balance for the upcoming midterm elections.  For one thing, the makeup of Congress could shift out of Republican control,  thereby having great impact on the rest of President Trump's term and his ability to govern.  In  Pennsylvania, the map of Congressional districts was redrawn by the state Supreme Court to achieve partisan balance in response to accusations of Republican gerrymandering.  That's likely to dramatically alter the state's representation in Congress. And a spike in women candidates for races across the country could alter the gender balance.

Further, the Pa. governor is seeking a second term. In New Jersey, the resignation of a longtime representative put a traditionally Republican Congressional seat in play and the Senate race is heated with negative ads from both sides.

Whatever happens, November 6 will change the political landscape significantly.

Will the combination of high stakes, strong voter messages and interest in issues mean a high turnout? Or will people stay home, as is often the case in midterm elections? We want to hear your plans. Please take a few minutes to fill out this voter survey on whether or not you plan to vote  — and why.

We'll not only share the results in a story, but we're partnering with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,  who originally created and launched this survey, to compare and contrast results from this region and Western Pennsylvania. To see what potential voters in Pittsburgh  are saying about their plans, visit post-gazette.com.

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